Gaining Harmony by Banning is Like Plugging One’s Ears While Stealing the Bell

“Doing a social web page and being banned in China shows that you are good at what you are doing."

The superexcellent web2.0 website has been banned by the ㄛ.£.ш. (ㄛяёατ £ιяёшαll) around 10:20 on April 23th, 2009. Coincidently, sixty years ago on the same day , the Kuomintang Regime was overthrown by the China Communist Party, and announced by who China and Chinese have entered a new and free period of time, which declared the naissance of a huge whopper.

After the new China was founded, only in several pieces of time did Chinese owned freedom. Things appear better to some baffled plebs, but in fact, the espial among the citizens is becoming more and more common, especially on the net.

Personally, ordinate organism as society is, for the sake of keeping it ordered, it is necessary to have some inordination to stimulate it every now and then. This kind of inordination is called parties-cycling. That is to say, countries have parties-cycling system are healthier and stay longer than those not.

Unfortunately, what the CCP did, do and will do is just follow the opposite direction. They believed and still believe stern controling are good to their governing and themselves. So they killed the free press by infusing the plebs what shouldn’t think. However, as the information is spreading fast via the internet, more and more citizens have found what the Party did and do. Some of them even want to tell the plebs the truth. The Party is so atwitter that they set a firewall to block websites which contain some “bawdry, eroticism and violance" contents, such as BBC Chinese.

This time, the talon run out to Plurk. Early experiencer as I am, I have seeing the development of Plurk and Plurk witnesses my growth from June 23rd, 2008. Through this website I meet many good friends: @steelsnarl @nonozone @wingpig @Remex @isL @ginjiq @elegance @melodylalala @snowflakel @fanny @wzy @doggie @woou @abigale0615 @badnao @linkzero @asca @chrisoul @possion @bekyhe @ur2 @qgirl @mekomlusa @樂樂笑眯眯 @小米 cutegirl @落落落 @台中小猴猴 and many other plurkers. We share happiness and sorrow with each other and they have helping, comforting and cheering me up a lot. Not only have I learnt a lot on computer and internet technology from them, but also have I enjoyed different kinds of culture and living styles. All in all, Plurk changed my attitude towards SNS websites, and in fact, it is not a traditional SNS website.

“Doing a social web page and being banned in China shows that you are good at what you are doing"—-This saying is widely spread among the IT domain. Besides Plurk, many other famous and great websites are also banned or were banned between whiles, such as Blogspot, MyOpera Community,, Wikipedia and Youtube. It is sadly to admit that the saying is true.

However, we won’t, couldn’t and should’t bow down. We are citizens, not liege men, we have the right and freedom to think, to express, just as the Consitution endued. We can’t make Plurk the second MyOpera Community. We should declare to the world: Chinese are still awake, freedom is still alive in China, China is still a country powered and governed by the dumb millions.

Here are some ways to sign in Plurk:

If you are a mobile user, you can use Opera Mini(Pay attention, don’t use Simplified Chinese Edition, you should use Traditional Chinese Edition or International Edition) or Ucweb English Version;
If you are a MAC/PC user, you can download £яёёㄛατё/шㄩjιё to use as a proxy or use proxy add-ons in FireFox such as тοя button. However, neither яёёㄛατё or шㄩjιё is stable enough and tor is too slow though they are simple.
The best way is use GApp.

Surely, the best and most convenient way is using a Https link provided by the official group of Plurk.

It is said that the trailblazer is trying to connect and bargain with Chinese government, I am waiting for the bad news.

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    Your site design looks cool. What template did you use ?

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    Yes, Plurk is NOT a traditional SNS website.

    Cheer up, Plurk!!

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    My name is @mekomlusa,thx…
    and,your english seems pretty good….^^

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